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21 December 2015

Matthew West - Today Is Day One

Thanks to the weekend being crazy busy and not getting much reading done, I'm still only just about finished with The Parisian Christmas Bake Off. I'm sure I'll ramble on about that at some point, I'm sure.

There wasn't no reading time, just very little. Luckily, that's all the time that's been needed each day for Matthew West's new devotional book Today Is Day One.
I requested a copy from NetGalley since I enjoy West's music. Add to that the fact that my son decided a few weeks back that we should start going to church again and I figured a new devotional book of some sort would be nice.

This little book has 200 devotional readings in it. Some days are just a short paragraph or two. A couple seem to overflow a full page by a line or two. Now, don't forget that I've got an e-ARC so the formatting is probably different but still ... pretty short stuff. The handful that I've read have been nice little bits to get one thinking. A bit of advice, a bit of encouragement, a bit of "hey, you're not alone."

Personally I was hoping for something a bit more in depth. A paragraph here and there is probably the perfect length for most. Just the right amount to be able to read with the first cup of coffee of the day, for example. My first cup takes a while so I think I'll dust off some of my Merton or Bonhoeffer.

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