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23 July 2015

Reading With John : Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher

The book  Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher was written by Bruce Coville.

It was published in 1991 and is 148 pages long.

The story takes place in Jeremy's home town during the present.

The main characters are  Jeremy and Tiamat

I liked Jeremy because he likes to draw like me and takes care  of Tiamat and other animals.

I disliked Freddy the Frog Killer because he is a mean and rude bully and tortures Fat Pete the cat.

At the beginning Jeremy finds a magic store when he is running away from bullies and a girl who wants to kiss him. He buys a colorful ball for a quarter. The ball is a dragon egg.

Then, he  helps Tiamat the dragon grow into a beautiful dragon and becomes friends with the girl that chased him. She can see Tiamat like Jeremy. No one else can.

At the end jeremy had to let Tiamat go to the dragon world but a part of her was always with him.

My favorite parts of the the book were Jeremy getting Tiamat, Tiamat flying with Jeremy on her back when she got big, and them talking with pictures in their heads.

I did not like when Jeremy was being picked on or when Tiamat went away.

I would tell a friend to read this book because it is a great book. It is fun and full of surprises.

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