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11 June 2015

Book 3 of the #20BooksOfSummer - Wrack and Rune

Wrack and Rune is the third of Charlotte MacLeod's Peter Shandy Mysteries. Of course, I suggest you read them in order. I rambled about the first one HERE and the second HERE.

It's been quite lovely spending time with Peter and the gang again. Unlike the first two installments, this one doesn't have its main setting as the college campus where Peter and his wife work but, instead, largely at a neighboring farm. We do get to see some of his colleagues but I missed the greater Balaclava Agricultural College community. Luckily there's some bits and pieces of quality time with my beloved President Thorkjeld Svenson ... who is as amazingly Vikingesque as ever. Perhaps even more so since there's a potentially cursed ancient Nordic runestone wreaking (or wracking) havoc.

(And no, "Cronkite" isn't Walter ... 
it's a local journalist who's also wreaking his 
own special kind of enthusiastic havoc.)

So aside from the setting being a bit different, Wrack and Rune has everything I've grown to love about the Peter Shandy series: wit, nerd humor, puns, a mystery I didn't solve myself, the characters I love (though I still can't decide if I have a bigger crush on Svenson or on Shandy. It's a good thing they're fictional and I'd never actually HAVE to choose between them!). 

I'm already looking forward to the next installment, Something the Cat Dragged In ... even though it won't be until September. Or 17 books from now. Whatever.

(By the way, I'm finding it incredibly hard to ramble about a book that's part way into a series. I feel like a dolt saying over and over again : "Go read the first ____ books and then when you've caught up come back!")

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