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08 January 2017

Rambling About.. Dead To Begin With by Vivian Conroy

Author: Vivian Conroy
Publication: 13 January 2017 -- HQ Digital

First Lines: Vicky Simmons tiptoed to the archway leading into the living room area and listened to her mother's voice coming from the den. "You don't say. When did you see that?"
Favorites on 4s:
4% - Claire marched to the gate. "They should have left it alone. Everybody had forgotten about it. We don't want it all dragged up again."
34% - Mrs. Jones dropped all pretense of actually doing something to her card display and stared after him in disappointment. Her expression suggested she had expected to learn something worthwhile.
64% - "In an Agatha Christie there is always some clue, a distinctive button lost at the scene of the crime, a lie about the time of things..."
74% - "You kn ow how talk goes in a small town. Everybody knows a new little detail that adds to the whole."

Ramble: I was so excited to see that the first book in Vivian Conroy's new series was on NetGalley that I lifted my self-imposed NetGalley ban in order to request a copy. I've loved her Lady Alkmene Callender books and the premise for this series sounded good. 
Vicky has returned from her job as a journalist in England to her small hometown in Maine with plans to open a gift shop specializing in all-thing British. A cold-case about a missing girl from when she was young is being re-investigated and, of course, Vicky can't help but get involved. It soon begins painfully obvious that someone is desperate to keep the past in the past.
It took me a while to really become invested in this story, but it ended up being a decent weekend read. It seemed to be heavier on dialogue than actions and I didn't enjoy it as much as the Lady Alkmene books, but it was still enjoyable enough to make me think that I'll pick up the next in the series when it comes out.

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